Is your insulation working?

Why Insulate?

Is your wall insulation working? If you experience one or more of these symptoms you will benefit from RetroFoam™ :

  • High Energy Bills
  • Cold or Hot Rooms
  • Uncomfortable Drafts
  • Loud Exterior Noises
  • Overworked Furnace
  • Freezing Pipes
  • Unhealthy Air Quality

These are all severe symptoms of a home’s poor insulation.  CALL US TODAY and let Home Comfort Solutions help you overcome your pesky home challenges with our innovative RetroFoam™ home insulation!

We offer injection foam and spray foam insulation for existing homes, attics, crawlspaces, and retrofit projects to help homeowners make their homes more comfortable and energy-efficient.

RetroFoam™ is designed specifically for insulating existing wall cavities.

Considering the total area of your exterior walls, it’s not surprising that the conditioned air loss through the walls in a typical house is greater than through the windows and floors combined. Even with an insulated ceiling and newer windows, the conditioned air inside your home will find the easiest path to escape – your walls. When insulating your home, it is important to have a holistic approach. Our service experts are focused and trained in evaluating your home as a complete system to help you find the best and most effective way to insulate your home.

How RetroFoam™ Home Insulation Works

RetroFoam™ is a plastic foam containing millions of tiny air cells, coated by resin. This bubble sets to form a firm, resilient filling, which contains millions of tiny bubbles of still air. These pockets of trapped air minimize air circulation within the wall cavity, thereby preventing conditioned air loss and stabilizing your home’s temperature. Once installed, RetroFoam™ home insulation will remain effective for decades.

Using our specially designed equipment we are able to combine compressed air with the catalyst and resin to make the foam. Within seconds this creation transforms into a rigid, plastic solid when cured.  RetroFoam is specially formulated to effectively update old residential insulation because it is non-expanding and cures quickly.  Once installed, RetroFoam home insulation will remain in place, minimizing air circulation in the wall cavity thereby stabilizing the home’s temperature.

0% financing retrofoam injection foam insulation
Home Insulation Application

RetroFoam™ is an extremely safe, non-toxic product that is installed into existing wall cavities, exceeding all federal regulations. Installed by a trained technician, RetroFoam™ is fully expanded prior to entering your walls, is Class 1 fire rated, and has a high R-value.

Over time, loose-fill insulation products, such as fiberglass and cellulose, can shift and/or become compacted thereby allowing for greater air movement and creating an ideal spot for rodent nest building. RetroFoam™ is an innovative solution to these problems as our injection foam fills all the voids inside your walls and becomes a lightweight, solid unit of insulation, deterring rodents, and minimizing air movement.

Installing RetroFoam is a mess-free, hassle-free process that is typically completed in one day. By installing from the exterior of the home, Home Comfort Solutions eliminates the need to tear down your drywall or disturb the interior of your home. If alterations inside your wall cavities are needed at a later time, the solid block of RetroFoam insulation can be easily removed. Once your project is completed, gently place the RetroFoam block back into the wall cavity. If rewiring is needed, wires can be easily pushed through the RetroFoam block without damaging the wires. It’s that simple!

The Best Home Insulation Solution

RetroFoam™ insulation is a cost-effective, lightweight, environmentally friendly, and efficient solution to preventing energy loss in your home. Regardless of your home’s exterior material (vinyl, brick, stucco, wood, etc.), or what is already in your walls, RetroFoam™ can be installed into your wall cavities from the exterior of your home any time of year! RetroFoam™ can also be installed through your home’s interior walls – a great option for condos and apartments.



According to, an insulation’s resistance to heat flow is measured in terms of its R-value. The greater the R-value, the greater the insulation’s effectiveness. An accredited third-party lab has calculated R-values of RetroFoam™ to range between 14.5 to 23.7 depending on the thickness of the wall. By installing RetroFoam™, you will maximize the R-value of your walls, which significantly reduces the amount of air leaks in your home. The excellent sealing qualities of RetroFoam™ result in immediate benefits AND immediate savings for you!