Some types of home insulation have a fairly limited life span, but Retrofoam injection foam insulation lasts for the entire life of your home. It doesn’t settle or degrade over the years like traditional forms of insulation will.

Let’s learn more about this.

If you’re reading this, you’re probably wondering about or doing research on how long traditional insulation lasts and also if foam injection insulation lasts longer.  You’re hoping that if you purchase a new foam insulation solution that it will be the last time you ever need to do this.  Great questions!

First, let’s talk about traditional forms of insulation like cellulose insulation and fiberglass insulation. These forms of insulation can shift, sag, or settle into the spaces they are in over the course of many years.

Traditional Forms of Insulation: The Issues

For example, in an attic or in a crawl space, there is often going to be moisture in these spaces and over the course of years, these materials can absorb that moisture, get heavy, and begin to fall down or sag.  These materials are also very appealing to rodents who will use it to build nests and carry it away into crawl spaces and other places.  If your home has zero moisture and zero issues with rodents, you may get 75 years out of fiberglass insulation. But in the real world, these issues along with gravity typically will cause traditional fiberglass insulation to only last 30-40 years in most cases.

Cellulose insulation is even more susceptible to settling over time, and this is exasperated if there are any air leaks or air flow. Air flow causes this very light form of insulation to move around and settle. This form of insulation has to be constantly maintained which most home owners aren’t aware of and don’t really want to do. A good lifespan for cellulose insulation is 30-35 years.

Why Retrofoam Spray Foam Insulation is the Best Choice

By comparison, RetroFoam spray foam injection insulation lasts for as long as your home is standing. The issues that plague traditional insulation forms just do not have any impact on Retrofoam.  It never settles, moisture isn’t an issue, rodents won’t touch it, and it can’t sag.  It cannot absorb moisture so it won’t ever get heavy and fall. If you’re interested in learning more about RetroFoam injection foam insulation, we would love to talk to you.  Here at Home Comfort Solutions we are East Tennessee’s leading choice and have installed this amazing product in thousands of homes and commercial properties.  Contact us today for a free quote!  We would love to speak with you.