RETROFOAM Insulation FOAM & Sound DEADENING In Knoxville and the East Tennessee Region

RetroFoam™ is designed specifically for insulating existing wall cavities and reducing sound that enters your home. Unlike spray foam, RetroFoam injection insulation foam has a no-mess, hassle-free installation process.

Invest In RetroFoam, Insulation FOAM That Pays!


Why Choose injection INSULATION Foam over other insulations?

  • Minimizes air movement in/out of your home
  • Achieves a higher R-value
  • Maintains a consistent temperature in each room
  • Blocks pollen & allergens from entering your home
  • Eliminates up to 80% of airborne sound through your walls
  • Reduces burden on HVAC system
  • Lowers your heating & cooling bills
retrfoam home insulation energy savings and bill reduction
Many studies have shown that your home loses up to 35% of its energy through its existing walls!
No need to worry about the hassle of an expensive remodeling job to fix your poorly-insulated walls. Home Comfort Solutions has the BEST solution for a mess-free, hassle-free, cost-effective process that saves you time AND money!


Update your old, ineffective insulation in your existing walls or add insulation where none exists. With its extremely high R-values (up to R-23.7), RetroFoam is the most efficient and cost-effective choice for insulating your home!

Sound Reduction

Once RetroFoam insulation foam is installed in your walls, its unique cell structure absorbs and refracts sound waves. Great for sound reduction in personal residences, condos, apartments, offices, hotels, and more.


RetroFoam can be installed from the outside of your home regardless of its exterior. Wood, brick, vinyl, stone…we do it all! Learn more about our easy installation process for existing homes.

Energy Saving
Noise Reducing
Sound Deadening Benefits

RetroFoam’s acoustical properties reduce sound by an average of 45 decibels (dB) in a typical 2×4 wall. To put this in layman’s terms, this is like pushing the outside noise 50 yards away(that’s half of a football field!). Did you know that the sound deduction requirement for hearing protection used in an indoor gun range is between 28-31dB? Once RetroFoam is installed in your walls, its unique cell structure absorbs and refracts sound waves making it one of the very best products available for both interior and exterior sound reduction. In fact, it works so well, RetroFoam has been used in many hotels around the US to create quiet rooms without the mess and expense of tearing down walls!

Common Uses of RetroFoam:
  • Master Bedrooms

  • Baby Nurseries

  • Bathrooms

  • Playrooms

  • Music Rooms

  • Hotels & Motels
  • Bed & Breakfasts
  • Business Offices
  • Conference Centers
  • Condos & Apartments
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Instant Savings

If you’re interested in reducing your home energy costs, RetroFoam could be your BEST option. By properly insulating your home with injection foam, you will avoid unexpected spikes in your utility bill all year long.

By using our energy specialists we can evaluate your home to help solve the issue of high utility bills. With heating and cooling costs on the rise, you can’t afford to wait another day to re-insulate your home with RetroFoam. Call Home Comfort Solutions today for a FREE ESTIMATE!


RetroFoam is hypoallergenic and does not contain any fumes or gases, unlike spray foam. But, most importantly, RetroFoam  helps provide a clean, safe environment for you and your family.


With RetroFoam,  your house will keep warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Enjoy year-round comfort that will let you kick up your feet and relax regardless of the season.

Financing Available

Concerned about how much RetroFoam costs? Ask about our easy financing options! The approval process is quick and simple!

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If You Are Experiencing …

energy bill iconHigh Energy Bills

temperature iconCold or Hot Rooms

sound reducing iconLoud Exterior Noises

drafty homes iconPesky Drafts

RetroFoam Can Help!

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What Our Customers Are Saying

“Since we had RetroFoam installed we noticed the house is much more comfortable. We used to notice the windy days, but now our home is very quiet. We have a bump-out area in the dining room where the floors were always cold, but now we can walk by our bay window in bare feet and the floor is toasty warm.”

Matt R.

“I love RetroFoam! We’re saving 40% a month on our heating bill! Our home is a renovated farmhouse built in the 1940’s. You could honestly hear the winds hiss through the walls. Now our house is comfortable to sit in year round and there are no more drafts.”

Laura & Rod B.

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